Gemstone Wall Hangings

Beautiful oversize gems are expertly set in brass and make the most beautiful wall hanging for any part of your home. An ideal gift for the modern bohemian in your life. Display them near plants, in any room, wherever you want.  You will receive a piece similar in size + shape to the items shown. Let us know if you have a specific length in mind and we will do our best to accomodate.

Not recommended for outdoors.  Ships with hook. 

Black Tourmaline - Heavy chunk of protective magic.  Stone Dimensions: Approx 4"L x 2"W Overall Length: 29-32""

Orthoceras Fossil - Extra long specimen for that grounding energy. Stone Dimensions:  Approx 9"L x 1.5"W  Overall Length: 29"-32"

Snow Quartz Geode - Super Sparkly.  Stone Dimensions:  Approx 5"L x 5"W Overall Length: 32"-34""

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