Wall Gems - Rose Quartz + Selenite + Chevron Amethyst

The amethyst piece has SOLD

Gorgeous one of a kind Wall Gems in pastel jewel tones of Rose Quartz and Chevron Amethyst. 

The Rose Quartz + Chunky Selenite is an oversize piece featuring a selenite "Log" suspended from a chunky piece of rose quartz.  This style features heavy weight brass wire and is a true statement piece. 

The  Amethyst + Selenite Wall Gem is sleek and linear with 2 stunning pieces of prong set Chevron Amethyst and long slender piece of selenite attached.  So beautiful near your plants.

You will receive the exact items show.

Rose Quartz:  Brazil  Chevron Amethyst: Brazil  Selenite: Morocco

All Wall Gems are handcrafted in solid brass and ship with a hook.  

Note:  The One of a Kind Snow Quartz Wall Gem in this image is from another listing: click here to be see it.