Sterling + Diamond Regalo Cuffs

Back in stock and makes the perfect Valentine's Day Gift..  This modern+organic cuff is hand hammered in heavy gauge silver wire and set with assorted layouts of champagne diamonds. The perfect gift, available in 6 different diamond layouts,  from minimal to decadent and everything in between.  

The 5 diamond version has been a 50th birthday bestseller for a few years now. Custom layouts welcome!

Note: The model shot shows a previous collection and is meant to show size + dimension of the cuffs.  The individual product shots are the current collection and you will receive a cuff from this group.  They are all one of a kind and vary slightly.  

Size:  Fits Most.  Slightly adjustable.   Diamonds: Approximately 1.9mm - 2mm diameter with varying shades of champagne + light brown.  


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