Wall Gems - Geode + Selenite

Lavender / grey geodes are given the jewelry treatment in this beautiful collection.

1. Prong set geode with a long selenite drop. Geode: approx. 3" Selenite: approx. 11" Overall Length: 36"

2. Prong Set Geode Drop. Approx 3" Overall Length: 30"

3. Prong Set Geode with window selenite drop. Geode: approx. 3" Window Selenite: approx 4"-5"  Overall Length: 28"

Each piece is one of a kind and can vary in shape, pattern, and shade.  Feel free to make a request on your preferred style and we'll do our best to accommodate.  Lengths of each piece is listed - you can request custom length(s) in the notes section of your order. 

Each RN Wall Gem comes with a brass hook and a single wood wall peg for display. The peg has a 3/16" screw and is recommended for use with a stud or wall anchor.